by badmammy

February 9, 2009

I love the way words sing. Always have. I believe the music is in the way people use them. Proper pronunciation, usage & grammar is not required nor encouraged. Sometimes it’s even scoffed at. It’s boring. The worst grade I got in college was in advanced grammar. Not very encouraging to an English major.
I am not advocating skipping school. I believe you have to know the rules to break them.
I also love to cuss. I know a lot of folks think that cussing is for those with a small, uninventive vocabulary but I don’t care what they think. A real pro can string together a line of cuss words that sounds like poetry.

I still cuss up a storm and I know a lot of other words. Big words, little words. Heck, I even make up my own, mostly unintentional.

I was raised that way. Every family has their own language. Mine elevated it to an art form. My Mother was unparalleled when it came to the bon mots & she didn’t even have a clue what a bon mot is. She (& my Dad too) were regular Yogi Berra’s.

A couple of my favs from my Mother:

“when I die I want to be cre-ated.” She was from West Texas & drawled with the best of ‘em. Every single word she knew had at least two syllables. I thought “cre-ated” was a beaut! It is the most connected, spiritual word I’ve ever heard for death.

Another time she was telling my son & I about friends of hers who were looking for land to build a business on. They had found a couple of places, one they really loved but they couldn’t build there because an advisor told them there had been a “Indian masquerade” there & the land was hexed. No business on that land would ever succeed.

Man, she was always good for a laugh.

Nobody could suck you into a joke like my Dad. Even when you knew he was doing it, you still fell in. When he said he “ran into this ole boy the other day” you knew you were going on a trip. It was always fun to watch him work it on somebody new.

The whole family I grew up in, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, you name it, was & are funny. We had all kinds. Some were a histerical riot while others were so dry you needed a glass of water when they got through with you. Either way, we laughed until we fell down, crying “stop, just stop”. We’d slap out knees & wet our pants. One time, after relating a laugh filled adventure my Grandmother said, with a perfectly straight face & a dry drawl, “Law, we like ta beat ourselves to death over that one”.

Even the folks that married into the family are funny. My sister-in-law, Renie, is as funny as they come without even knowing it. And then that makes it even funnier. We get started telling each other something & winding up cracking ourselves up so hard we can’t finish the story. We are used to people looking at us like we’d lost our minds. One time Renie & I had cracked ourselves up so bad that we were hanging onto the walls to keep from falling down. We had just left the dineing room on a cruise. We finally got ourselves somewhat under control (with great effort) when some people walking by said “what’s so funny?” & set us off again. I fell down & couldn’t breathe. They finally left.

My son’s wife, Shelly, can mangle the language like nobody’s business. I knew we were in for it when my son said, before introducing her to the family, “she kinda reminds me of Grandma. You know…the way she talks”. That crazy beautiful Cajun girl fits right in.

If I ever had to name the one thing that has gotten me this far in life, my biggest asset, I know instantly that it is my sense of humor.

One Comment to “word”

  1. yer a funny!!!!!!! thanks for the bloggin!!! its way cool!!!! love yew!!!!!!!

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