blow man blow

by badmammy


cooleroo down

cooleroo down

Well, it was windy as all heck yesterday & last night  & the cooleroo lost two anchors. This morning the sun was screaming in the windows without the benefit of the roo, as we like to call it. The roo is a large shade like dealie that we have over our side patio to block some of the burning rays of New Mexico sun. It’s early here so not too cooked up in the livey yet. (that means living room, for you newbies) Uno, the wonder dog, & I are soaking it up.

The sun is a nice break from the wind. Wind gives Uno the jits. I think it may be due (in part) to the fact the we have stuff hanging everywhere & it all moves in the wind. Some of them make noise. We look straight out at the cooleroo area when we are hanging around the house. That  roo can really get going sometimes. Up & down. Flappity flap. It had to have been really windy last night to blow out two anchors. 

I went out into the gale last night to catch the loose corners & bungee cord them to the window frame so no windows would be broken. The corners that blew were not next to each other, they were across from each other. When I bungeed it to the window it made a triangle sail. It looked kinda cool to me but still moved & Uno voted to go back into the house, shut the door & have a schnackie. Uno usually gets her way.

This morning, after a couple a cups a tea, the man will get the ladder out of the garage (a major undertaking alone), climb onto the roof & put his system of bolts, s hooks & wire to rights. We will have light  but not direct sun. In the meantime Uno & I soak it up.


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