by badmammy


aahhh, thin mints

aahhh, thin mints

Yep, it’s that time of year again folks! Sping is in the air, some of the fruit trees have flowered and everyone in town has itchy eyes & runny noses. You can feel the energy building. We all know that summer is nigh. Yahoooo! But the real excitement around this house is. . . . (drum roll, please) . . . (wait for it) . . . COOKIES!!

Due to the evildoers that prevent Girl Scouts from roaming freely from house to house these days, the poor scouts are now huddled en masse  at all of  most public venues, the grocery stores, strip centers & the malls. They crowd around (but are careful not to block) the entrances with rickety card tables full of pyramids of cookie boxes while the parents make change & encourage the girls to “speak up” “now, that’s three boxes, how much does she owe?” “okay, now give her the change. She gave you a twenty so how much do you owe her?”.  Taking advantage of  all those teaching moments, in that voice. That voice. For some reason it bugs me.

I suppose I could lament the “good old days” when each scout was given a minimum number of boxes to sell & the girl who sold the most boxes would win fabulous prizes. I don’t remember what the prizes were because I never got near them. I had a few neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles & parents that I signed up but that was about it. You had to go around getting “orders” from people then distribute the cookies & collect. It was fund raising plus teaching us all that stuff like arithmetic, legible handwriting, accounting, you get it. Seems like mine was always a mess & never came out even. Besides, winning would have involved me “putting myself out there”  & approaching people & homes I did not know. I wanted the prizes but not enough to work for them or go after them. Also, my parents were either not involved or maintaining the least contact with the whole mess as possible. I didn’t know that parents cared about kids activities.

I look at the girls. Girls! What a delightful word. So young & fun. Innocence, not yet jaded. Their whole lives stretch out before them & they don’t even know it; shouldn’t know it. I look at them. They make me smile. It would take a cold, cold heart to look at this bunch & not believe in a beautiful future. There are enough bracelets, necklaces, hair bobbies & accessories to open a boutique. One shuffles in her flowered & beaded flip flops. There are whispers in ears, hands covering mouth, giggles. Beginning their struggle & dance with identity & separation. 

I silently offer up a prayer for these girls. I pray that some sense of wonder stays with them, that they always feel free & safe like they (I hope) do now. It’s a lot to ask for, I know. I also say a prayer of thankfullness from me for the joy I feel looking these girls.

I load up on my cookies. Two boxes of thin mints, one of the chocolate stripes, & a new variety, to me anyway, named Thank You. I am thrilling on my cookies.

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