Only Uno Knows

by badmammy


I can't help it you don't get it.

I can't help it you don't get it.

Some really strange things have been going on around here. We are living through & experiencing some dang turbulence right now. We all just need to relax a little bit & keep the faith during these times. I mean I got no clue as to any specifics of what’s happening or what will happen & I don’t need to, all that I know & feel comes from the change of smells & energy.

I have to do my best for my peeps now so I am laying out a hopeful sign to show them. I put signals everywhere in their bedroom but to no avail. My parents must be blind or something. I mean, badmamm is finally gettin it, part of it anyway. Finally!

still chewing on the third one & contemplating placement

still chewing on the third one & contemplating placement

See, it’s like this . . . . . I have three different bones going at any one time. These bones are magic,  sacred runes that I arrange in the night into patterns that come to me in dreams.  I only chew my bones in the ‘rents bedroom & then only when the folks are there. Plus, I try my best to keep these bones where I know they walk & they will find them. Good plan, huh? Not for these two. BM usually just silently limps back to bed but you oughta hear Big Daddy when he finds one in the dark. (Earmuffs, kids)

I’m giving you a sign here people. Read the bones. Don’t just kick them away. 


I am one of only a few who have sent away for their bone interpretation certificate over the innanet. I’m bone fide, you might say. I have also built upon these studies & am quite proficient in many “bone tossing” or “throwin the bones” techniques. I make a fairly good living by being an expert witness in court.

the finally assemblage for Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the finally assemblage for Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anyway, BM is starting to get hip & at least takes a picture every morning so she can study it. I overheard her & BD talking about it. She is also horrified at the state of her carpet. While I am not directly involved I can tell you that lots of dogs have come & gone around here. BM & BD have raised several service dog puppies & they also doggie sit some other dogs once in awhile. Each spot on the carpet is the result of a different type of spot remover. BM’s scientific experiment. The one of them that worked the best also took the color out of the carpet, leaving BM with what she calls the cougar effect. 

BM & BD say they are gonna rip that nasty carpet out when it warms up a bit more. It is one of the last places they have carpet left. Hah! They don’t even do it themselves. They call Sonny Boy & the Rajin Cajun & they come do it. bada bing, bada boom, gone.

why's she always wantin me to look at her & smile?

why's she always wantin me to look at her & smile?

Anyway, that’s it for today. I almost got to go on a car ride but BM’s car won’t start cuz she let it sit too long. She knew all day yesterday that she needed to go out & at least start the dang thing & take me around the block but, nnnoooo, She takes off with her friend to said friend’s doctor appointment so BM can push “the baby” in the stroller while Mommy is in the office. 

In the meantime, I’ll give you a hint about today’s bone interpretation. If we stick together, we can & will make it.

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