blind date

by badmammy




Yesterday I had the greatest day! The weather was absolutely beyond beautiful. I got to drive from one end of Rio Grande to the other, starting near Alameda. One of my favorite drives. The speed limit is 25 miles an hour, strictly enforced. Creeping along at 24, I passed 2 electronic fancy machinery things that told me my speed & saw a cop lurking alongside the road. I found myself hoping that the cop wasn’t looking at me. Not because of my speed; I had a line of cars slowed  behind me (and who were now thanking God that I was in front of them causing them to slow down when just moments before they were cussin me, but I digress . . .). Nope, not about the speed this time. The truth is that I was weaving all over the road.
Everything was so beautiful &  perfect. I couldn’t help but try to take it in. All of the fruit trees are flowering in pinks & whites.  Horses standing around. Flooded fields full of ducks. There was a lot of catching up to do. I had to check out all of my favorite “spreads” for updates plus there were all of the new places to inspect. The greens of newly budded tress stood out against the sky.
I laughed at myself for getting that little knot in the gut when I saw the cop. Cops usually don’t do that to me anymore. No sir, not like they once did. I was a little nervous to begin with.
I was on my way to meet one of my DCF friends in person. It  made me kind of anxious. I don’t know why. I mean, I knew that I was going to like her because I already did. I was looking forward to it.
It was just that it was my first time. I’ve met several DCFers but always in a group. Plus, the whole reason for our meeting was so that she could show me some of the finer points of wordpress. I was packin. I was going to be one of those people in coffee shops that I used to watch & wonder what was so important. I had my laptop with me.
The instant I met her I fell in love. I knew she was one of “us”. We spent the entire afternoon laughing, talking & eating. I even learned a few things. It was so fun to meet a kindred soul but yet she’s done & seen such a different life than mine. Very, very interesting. The time flew by. It was just such fun. We’re even going to do it again.


Today is another glorious day. Uno & I are going to go find some sunshine.

2 Comments to “blind date”

  1. You funny. You, Bad Mammy, have lots of words!

  2. I snagged the picture of us for my FB Amigos – Please don’t sue me.

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