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April 5, 2009

one potahtah, two potahtah

by badmammy



See what happens when a heart is left in the dark & unattended?


zing went the strings of my heart

zing went the strings of my heart


I think it can be safely said that this poor heart has had to try to reproduce itself, to save itself from loneliness & sorrow. It is amazing what one will do to keep from perishing alone in the dark. Only God & I know all of the dumb shit I’ve done to keep from being alone. None of it worked & really wasn’t worth it.


Sometimes it’s better to be alone than with idiots (you know who you are). Then there’s the haunting feeling of being alone, no matter where you are, alone or not. You have learn to deal with it. You eventually become okay with aloneness. Often, you prefer it.


Then, when you are perfectly fine with being alone, along comes a heartthrob to mess it all up!

ain’t love grand??