tales from the crypt

by sissychick13

This happened in 1995/6, somewhere in there. I was living in Wichita Falls, Texas with my husband & son. We had just bought our house. We were really happy then.

Anyway, I was working at PPG, striking a blow for womanhood & making serious cash. I was supporting the family while hubby finished college. This setup totally fit in with my feminists views &, like I said, we were happy. God, we were young.

 After packing glass (very hard work) for a year or so, I garnered enough seniority to apply for a job on the loading dock. Shipping was an elite assignment. They were the only department that worked M-F, usually just 2 shifts instead of the rotating three with the rest of the factory. The glass never stopped coming out of the kiln once they got it going. There were always people on duty to deal with it; 24/7 as they say these days.

There had only been one other woman in shipping. She was a lot older than I & had chummed her way into the men’s hearts with home baking. She fussed over & spoiled them, sending cards to their wives when babies came & that kind of stuff. They ate it up & became very protective of her. She ruled that area & no other women dared enter.


I had already listened to years of redneck comments like “Ah wouldn’t let mah wife work out here” “Women cain’t do this kind of work & that will make it harder for us” &  the ever popular “You are taking a man’s job away from him & he has a family to support. It ain’t right”. When they found out hubby wasn’t working but going to school, that I had a family to support ,as well, they howled. You can imagine. “Wha, I’d sure like to get me an arrangement lak that.” “Sure wish ah could lay around whilst mah wife worked.” “Will you marry me?”


I worked hard & eventually won most of their grudging respect.


I still need to finish this . . . . . .

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