pants on fire

by badmammy

When is it a lie? The instant any type of sound leaves your lips? Can you ever justify an untruth or even an omission of facts? Does the type of lie matter? Does the little white lie count? Why/Why Not? Are lies that are told for someones “own good” really good? And good for who, by the way; you or them? Those harmless half truths we spit out all day being polite, not really seeing any advantgage to being totally truthful, are they really harmless?  Saying “fine” when all you really want to do is cry when you see a neighbor & they ask how you’re doing. Is that a lie or just what we are expected to say? Everybody knows that they are not asking for a long drawn out truth.

Are some people more “lie-able” to than others? Why would we lie the most to those we  are closest to & tell perfect strangers the truth? Something to do with our emotional investment in the relationship, I would imagine. This perfect stranger will never be seen or spoken to again, most likely. We do not fear their judgement. I know that I have different emotions & reasons for all the lies I’ve told & who I’ve told them to. Some I care about & some I don’t ever think about again. Some I have confessed to, will admit if asked & others I will go to my grave maintaining my innocence about.

Do you believe in black & white rules? Do gray zones exist? Who gets to decide this? One of Us? All of us? Every liar for themselves?

Again, are some rules or lies more impotyant (hahahah, I’m gonna have to leave this typo) than others? There are tons of kinds of lies. Like snowflakes, each lie has a reason & no two alike. Even when they all start to sound the same. I mean, even I know that when they start repeating like a skipping record, whatever you got to say or do to get rid of that particular snowflake is just fine & flat out encouraged. That many lies is plain wrong.

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