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February 1, 2010

heavy load

by badmammy

It’s happening. Happening for real. I have carped about my weight for years and made little attempts here & there to lose some. I realized the other day that I’ve never been serious before. Just loud & irritating. You know I say enjoy your vices or get rid of them. My love of candy has always won. I savor that chocolate as it slides down my throat & onto my butt. Now candylove is facing serious challenges.

Things have been in movement around this house for a few months now. Cleaning, getting rid of stuff, not dragging  home new stuff (the hardest by far), you get it. Plus now that Big Daddy is retired, he is home all the time. In the last week we have changed our tv provider, internet provider & gotten ourselves cellphones. No text, talk only & never while driving.

The other day some elastic exercise bands appeared at our house. The next day I see BD using them. I find him on the floor in the bedroom stretching. We take walks. We talk about cutting things our of our daily diets. We quit buying ice cream every time the car stops.

He bookmarks pages on my laptop. I go thru all of the meal plans, clicking what I want to eat next Thursday. I fill out week one of a two week plan. We make a grocery list. We’re going to the store this afternoon to stock up.

This totally goes against the grain for me. I mocked & scorned folks who made menus, etc. I mean, they’re fine if you have an army to feed or something like that. Back when my son was growing up I bought my standards; bread, peanut butter, milk,  meats, a block of velveta, etc. I cooked basically the same rotation of stuff on whatever day I wanted. No menu, no fuss. That, I know without a doubt, is why I am doing all of this. I will be forced to admit that having menus makes everything easier. Grocery shopping will be what is on the list, that’s all. This is a big change for me but also somewhat of a relief. Now I don’t have to think about what I going to eat next or buy.

Where is all of this going? What about Taco Tuesday? We are just going to hold on & try. That’s all we can do.  I ‘ve got to stop singing “I love candy”. Get a new tune & reprogram my head.