still workin’ it

by badmammy

where are my Ruffles with Ridges?

and the beat goes on; the beat goes on . . . . . . We continue to march with that beat toward the future, hopefully, in better shape & able to go further. Left, right, left, right, hut! Moving more, stretching, all that good stuff. We’re still on the famous “diet”. Some folks take issue with this fad diet or that fad diet & indeed, I am one of them. I don’t think fads are going to work without you seriously changin your ways, once & for all. And, then, it’s not a fad. I’ve seen a lot of folks lose a lot of weight only to have it jump back on with a vengeance once the diet is over. You can’t go back to your old ways. God know, lots of us have tried & every single one failed. I also tried the “well, I’m working out so I can eat what I want” plan, which doesn’t work either.

Choosing a diet or meal plan takes an investment on your part to work. We looked at what we were eating. We cussed & discussed all that & came up with the realization that carbs are a major problem for us, and with me there is also severe sugar addiction. We decided to try a modified Atkins approach for at least the first two weeks then take it from there. I always have to throw in the modifier “modified” when saying Atkins. I was one of the loudest screechers when folks talked about Atkins. It obviously worked. I saw several folks shrink in what seemed like no time. True to form, I never researched exactly what it entailed; just immediately started in with “how can it be healthy to eat a side of beef for breakfast with hardly any fruits or veggies?” “Are you serious, you had pigskins for lunch?”. I was proud of them for doing something but, hey, I’m not THAT fat, right? Ah yes, all the shit we can tell ourselves. I mocked what I did not understand, thereby calling it straight into my life. I was also jealous that they were doing something I couldn’t. I just wouldn’t admit that part. But, the fact was, here was someone in front of me, doing something about their weight. Shame heaped on a few more pounds until both BD & I decided that something must be done so that we can live together & have fun longer. That brought on the first round of our proposed lifestyle changes; the two week diet challenge.

Almost three weeks later brings us to today. We bought the food, Big Daddy cooked, we ate. We started to feel good. The first couple of days were hard in that we had habits that made us reach for something we really didn’t need or didn’t contribute to our health. We toughed it through. But, dang, it took several days & a couple of boxes of “Atkins” bars for me to get over wanting to cry for some ice cream. Sugar free popsicles saved the day. They are a raggety substitute but they sorta work. When I hit the magic number goal that I set for myself, I am going to have some candy. I am one pound away. One pound away from a candy bar, chocolate. Have been for two days! I’m not one pound from a good weight for me, got a ways to go on that, but I am one pound away from a goal that looked far away at one time.

We’ve noticed lately that what once looked like a good start on a meal now looks like too much. I have lost some of my anxiety about food. I don’t feel the need to cram as much as I can into my mouth at once as often as I used to. I can leave some for the next bite. We’ve also noticed that we are chewing slower. We feel lighter. We’ve both lost some weight. I keep my water jug filled & take it everywhere. A cup of tea in the morning & water the rest of the time. Not even fruit juice. Not even Orangina!!

We like the way we are feeling & are still downloading new recipies. We are adding in more veggies & I’m eating a little fruit. We’re still going to stay with it. I feel like we’ve regained some control over our lives by controlling our eating. You know it’s never just one thing. We feel better, we do more, we’re more active, we feel better.


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