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March 31, 2010

at last! an answer!

by badmammy

Goodie, goodie, I’ve hit my 1st goal, although, milestone might be a better word. Anyway, I have maintained this aforementioned marker for almost a week now so I am proclaiming it official. It really sucks that once you reach this finish line, so to speak, you don’t necessarially stay across it without effort. No squealing tires or flaming burnouts at this checkered flag. This is one race that can’t be won or lost by a day or a number. That’s why we are calling it our lifestyle change. How many times must I repeat to myself how much I love me & am making these choices of my own free will before the screaming inside my head for chocolate lets up a little?

The answer is obvious: once more, one more time, sigh . . . . . .  one more time.

God bless sugar free popsuckles! I’m down to a box a day.

March 14, 2010

gettin’ a sto rey

by badmammy

Howdy Doody, it’s Friday. I’m sittin at “work”, which is a place I go two days a week & hang out while Boss Man does his thing. He doesn’t require much of me &  that’s exctly what he gets. So, I mainly watch tv most of the day, answer the occasional phone call & help customers. I come in with the morning news, move into morning talks, catch the news at lunch & then there’s a little lull until Ellen & finally, Oprah. Then it’s time to go home. It’s a tough gig but somebody’s got to do it. One of my main girls, M, & I decided I needed a “sto-ry”. We’re both southern girls & know the importance of soap operas. Never interupt grandma when her story is on, not even if you are on fire. If you are on fire, get outside. If you’re not on fire, get outside. “You kids get outside.”

So, stayin true to my roots, I have spent several afternoons at “work” watching the soaps, waiting for a soap to hook me. I was filling a certain time slot so not just any soap would do. Being basically lazy, I just left the tv on the channel that the news is on &, voila, there is my story. It’s the one with the sand, you know, that old phrase that everyone on the planet knows: “like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives . . . . . “.

I’m not real sure exactly what is going on here but am slowly learning some of the rough outlines of drama & scandel. Someone’s baby has been kidnapped by her own weirdo father, one chick got shot on her wedding day by the woman who is her real mother,  another chick is in jail for something she didn’t do & (I swear to Gawd) some guy just shouted out “I’m her real father”. What more could you ask for? Watchin soaps is everything you need to make you feel like your life isn’t so bad.