wrinkle in the plans?

by badmammy

I’ve got old lady arms. It’s official. And it’s nice of you to say “no . . . no… you don’t”, in that wistful way of yours, but I’m afraid the time has come to face the truth. All of this dieting, exercising, life style change is starting to take effect. I can clearly see that the wrinkles are a’comin. My smooth, fat face is deflating. My rings spin on no longer chubby fingers. I’m feeling so great, still down under that arbitrary first weight goal I set for myself despite that damn Easter Bunny.

I’m down one size of jeans! How thrillin is that? I feel like there is the real me inside trying to get out & I’m so happy. The real me can bend & do pilates. The real me can jog the agility course. The real me dances. But, this real me comes with wrinkles. Literally, wrinkles. I’ve been working the skin firming lotions but what can I realistically expect out of 57 year old skin?  All I have to do is be the best I can, without gettin all Oprah on it, every day. Some days I can’t do as much as others.

I’ve bounced from one bunch of issues to another.

That’s ok.

I’m still not quittin.

2 Comments to “wrinkle in the plans?”

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. All else is Nature and Time. You GO.

  2. firming lotion is great because it helps in the overall of your skin. i prefer to use those that have topical vitamins in them. ”

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