how I found love with a power tool

by badmammy

Spring has sprung here in New Mexico. The hummerbirds are buzzing, every plant in the state is pollinating & the wind is blowing like heck. We are loving the warmer weather &  have been able to open the (new!) windows & doors to air out the house. As a result, the entire house is coated in a layer of dust. Pollen, dust & love are alive & dancing in the air. Tumbleweeds of dog hair are gathered in the corners & under the furniture. It’s a beautiful thing.

Yes, between sneezing fits, even I have a new love in my life this year. It hasn’t replaced an old love, just added itself to the vast array of people & things I adore. And, sure enough, it was right there under my running nose & before my itchy red eyes all along. I can hear my Grandmother now . . . . “If it had been a snake, it wouldda bit cha.”  Grandmother also said some things about things being right under our noses if we would but look and something else about already having everything we need.

Sure enough, she was right. Looking at all the dust on even the vertical surfaces & walking on gritty floors, feeling almost buried under all the dirt & just about on the edge of allergy induced despair, the lightenin bolt hit me. The answer was sitting there in the garage. I walk past it all the time.

The shop vac!! I rolled it into the house, plugged in that big orange cord & went to town on the dust & dirt. I love it!! You don’t have to be so particular about what you suck up like you would with the Hoover. I started with the floors then worked my way across the furniture & out the side patio door. I sucked up all kinds of stuff out there! It was so much fun. I cleaned up dead leaves, cobwebs, sticks, dirt & some mardi gras beads. I cleaned out the flower beds. Usually this job takes quite awhile using a broom, dustpan & trash can. Plus, then I have to drag it all through the house out to the alley. The flower beds usually involve a lot of bending & stooping. With the shop vac you just add another length of tube & keep going. Much easier on this old gal.

Another benefit to the shop vac is no bags or little containers to empty. I just rolled it back into the garage & left it. Ha ha. It’s great.

2 Comments to “how I found love with a power tool”


    I wonder who gets to empty that little jewel out and clean the filter?

  2. Hmm who mysteriously empties that shop vac?

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