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This is what we are up to:

Today NAHRA came to spend a couple of nights with us while her parents go have fun.

She is a CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) puppy in training. Here’s a little story about her name:

(this is from an email NAHRA’s mom sent me)

“In case I haven’t explained her name – here’s the history.  While I was in Sacramento for the whelping, Martina and I started thinking of names.  We decided to go with a theme – all acronyms.  To our surprise and delight – CCI went with our suggestions.

Here are the names and what they stand for:

NIAH                          National Institute of Animal Health

NANDA                      North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

NIMBY                       Not In My Back Yard

NASAR                       National Association for Search and Rescue

NASA                         National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NARHA                      North American Riding for the Handicapped

NUMA                       National Underwater Marine Agency

NORAD                      North American Aerospace Defense Command  (official Santa tracker)

NIOSH                       National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Martina – who is the best breeder caretaker anyone could ask for! and who has become my dear friend – made this special request:

I would like to put in a special request for the assignment of one of Hilani’s female pups to the SW region.  Karen is Hilani’s PR and lives in New Mexico in the SW Region.  She put in her repeat PR application to raise one of Hilani’s pups from this litter.  This will be her 5th pup, I believe.  Although she did not specify male or female pup, she would like to raise a female if at all possible.  The reason being, she came to my home for the whelp of the litter and while here she and I came up with our puppy names.  One of the female names I will be submitting will be NARHA, which is more female sounding.  Karen is a paid employee for the organization NARHA, North American Riding For The Handicapped.  She teaches handicapped children how to ride horses.  So, with this in mind, if it is at all possible to have a female pup assigned to the SW Region, that would be most appreciated.  Stu will be assigning a pup to Karen assuming one goes to the SW Region as she is first in line to get one.  Karen will be attending the NARHA conference in Denver in November and it would be great CCI exposure to have one of our pups there that was named in honor of the organization.

How lucky I am to be part of this wonderful CCI family!      Karen”

Isn’t that cool?

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One Comment to “NAHRA”

  1. Awesome story! When I first saw the pup pictures on your fb, I thought YOU were training another one. So fantastic what these animals can bring to the relationship with their humans! Know a lady who is deaf and has a service dog. Love seeing them around town. When we were active in a local homeschool group, there was a family training a pup. So interesting. Are you going to do that again?

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