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February 3, 2011

i don’t give a rats ass about charlie sheen

by sissychick13

Snow bound & cranky. I actually begged for candy from the store. That is the crisis of my little world. I’m listening to the world news on the telly. The crisis of the world is some little fight in Egypt & Charlie Sheen’s fucked up excuses about his serious little life. Can’t we see that all the poor dude wants is to be left alone to self destruct & kill himself? His Errol Flynn references in his latest press release in this never ending hell bound train wreck clearly let us know he wishes to emulate this hero & go out with a bang. This world is too painful & tortured to live in for the highest paid actor on television.

jeez, cut a junkie some slack, badmammy . . . . sure, maybe what pisses me off is that his “lifestyle” has been enabled & endorsed by everyone around him & as long as he showed up for work, it was all good.

And the joke of the home schooled rehab is a real pisser. Believe me, I know that this idea only works if you want it & then it don’t matter where you are.

Meanwhile, I’ve let the whole thing put me in a crabby chocolate jonesin cliche ridden mood.

This is the life I love.