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August 8, 2015

mr and mrs dick

by badmammy

mr dick
this morning, Saturday, August 8th, 2015, mr dick came in with the worst looking beat up box I have ever seen. he wanted to know what I was going to do about it. he had a prepaid label. I thought he was joking, he never took off his sunglasses. he told me that now that he had gotten older he is excellent at reading people & that I looked like I didn’t want to help him. I said you are not reading me correctly. he said oh yes he was. he told me that his 65 lb piece of shit box was not handled correctly & what was I gonna do about it. I finally said it was not packed correctly, he should have contacted the sender to have an inspection initiated, he said he did call them, they told him it was packed well & the problem was that it was handled badly. I said that large pieces of metal (hitches) loose in a box is not well packed and will ruin the box from the inside out. he had a prepaid label & I told him that I’d be glad to put the label on the box & ship it but the box will not make it. he started in again about how I had no sense of customer service & didn’t want to help him. I said he should go somewhere else. he said he wanted a solution. I said buy another box & I will pack this box in it, that’s all I know to suggest. “oh, so now you expect me to buy a box?” I said I’m not going to give you one and again suggested he go somewhere else. 

about this time several customers came it, one asked me what was going on. mr dick proceeded to tell her that I had no customer service skills & was not helping him. she thought he was joking too & asked me if I knew him. I said I did not. she told him he he’s got to be kidding, I was one of the nicest women he would ever meet. he doubted it. I said I’ve got customers backing up that I need to help, he hollered he was a customer..I said what do you want. he said a solution. I said buy another box & I’ll pack it for you. one customer left. he said how would he know if I did it or not. I said if you want to stay around and watch me pack it, he was welcome to but it would be awhile cuz I had other customers. he said some other rude loud shit that I don’t really remember. I rang up the box & told him the total. he swiped his card & left, saying now your day can only get better. I thought no shit but said nothing. the two remaining customers said oh my god what an asshole. I can’t believe you didn’t lose your temper, I would have cussed him out, etc. I tried to shake it off, consoling myself it will be ok. I packed his pos into another box with peanuts & heavy stickers the way it should have been.
about 30 minutes mrs dick called wanting my manager or the owner, I said not here. how can I get ahold of her? call when she’s here, prob Mon afternoon, she’s in & out. what’s her email? store3554. . . . . . . , is that an email anyone there can read? yes. I want her private email. I’m not givin out her private info, you might as well send that email here cuz everyone’s gonna read it anyway. I AM NOT GOING TO DISCUSS THIS WITH YOU. I said, (ok, I went to the dark side at this point) whatever. she said she wanted to know why I was so rude to her husband. I said you weren’t here, maybe he was rude to me. she said oh no, not my husband. I said I will be glad to take your number & have her call you. so she gave me the number & I hung up. a few minutes she called back to say she didn’t appreciate being hung up on, I said I was sorry. I’ll have kim call you. bye. and hung up again.
twenty seven minutes later mrs dick called back. she wanted to know I expected them to be reimbursed if I wouldnt give them a receipt . I said its right here, he left without it. pause. can you just email it to me. sure, what’s the email address, she told me, I said, ok. bye. hung up.
I emailed the receipt.
I believe those two are perfect for each other and aptly named,