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February 7, 2010

be dazzlin’

by badmammy

I know that my photographic technique is a little lacking but imagine all of those blobs of light were clear, sharp prisms, cuz that’s what it really looks like around this whole room.

In the middle pic if you squint just right you can see something round hanging from the middle one of the three light fixture. That hanging object is my disco ball! I won it this year at High School Best Friend’s Annual Chinese Gift Party. It’s a mini ball, about six inch diameter.

We’ve got a 10 foot long window way up high facing east. I’ve got the best view from my custom contoured love seat looking upward through those windows. Have I mentioned that we got “NEW WINDOWS!?? We can see the moon thru her various faces when she is in that part of the sky. She starts at one end of the window & works her way across little by little each night. The sun has her own rotation going. Perhaps I could explain this whole thing better but I didn’t pay attention in High School.

Anyway, this morning the sun came in at just the right angle to hit the disco ball. It was so dang beautiful. I was inside a big prism.