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April 28, 2010


by badmammy


I love wandering around the word press site. I wind up reading all kinds of blogs about all kinds of things. Then, if I comment, I click on the follow the comments buttons or subscribe to the blog. I find something in common or interesting in almost every blog I read. Needless to say, this has really increased my incoming email. For someone like me, who still thrills on getting an email, suddenly seeing 45 incoming emails for you is fun.

Fun for the first couple of days . . . . . until, of course, it sorta felt like work. I found a subscription manager page & had to let some of them go. Thank goodness a lot of them don’t post every day & they escaped the “unsubscribe”. It was hard to get rid of some of them. Hard, but I did it. I am in unloading mode these days. If  you are one of the two folks that subscribe to me, you already know this.

There sure is a world of bloggers out there. I’ve followed heart breaks, divorces, laundry & the most beautiful piece of cake in the world. Some of the bloggers are young, some are older. It’s all about senior year, my grand baby or what someone has for dinner for a week. I’m following the vacations of folks I don’t even know! I chime in on the comments.  I even wound up getting myself flamed for my (apparently) bad advice.


I mean, even I do it. I just write it, don’t really believe anyone else could be interested. They are all busy doing their own blogs & living lives full of African sunsets (some of the photo blogs are amazing!!), ranting, love & hot dogs while I carry on in my dog agility with my happy doggie, pilates with my happy friend & living with my bestest man I have ever known.

I’ve always kept journals & blogging is a natural extension of that, in this here new mileniumn. It still blows my mind that we can do this. Type a few worlds, throw a few random pictures & let the entire world look at it.

February 4, 2010

wtf . . . . . and i mean w t f

by badmammy

What was I thinking? I’ve been saying those very words a lot lately. I know that Reikisister told me that this would be a year of changes. I laughed, “yeah, yah, aren’t they all?”  “No” she says, putting her hand on my arm, “I mean it”.

Guess what? She meant it. Today is February 2nd & I am here to testify that the girl meant it.

I have just returned from “our” second agility prep class. Us being Uno & I; the fastest, runnin’est, jumpin’est dog in the universe & her earth bound mama. And I do mean earth bound. This is either going to physically lay me out or help me towards my chosen lifestyle changes. I know I can do this, and I fully intend to,  I’m just sayin . . . . . . I’m exhausted. And, to make it even more interesting, my friend K was right, the mental part is even harder. The rules are totally different from those of raising service dogs. Those are the only rules Uno & I know so it is a learning experience for us. Concentration is required. I’m going to have to pay attention.

For homework last week we had to play tug with 2 toys that are just alike. Uno doesn’t do such things.  To quote Tom Jones, “she’s a lady”. (whooooaaa, whoooaaa, woaaaaaaa) (I know you sang it) I spent most of the week boppin  & wrasslin Uno’s head with the toys. I was gassed out but she finally sort of got it. Wheeee, I’d squeal. I sang endless high pitched  doggie songs while practicing my “hopping”. Finally, slowly  Uno started to “get that chewie”. Yipeeeee, wheeeeheeeee, I get her to jump on the bed and then workin releases from far away, doing very well. This goes on for what seems like hours. We are not making much progress, but some, with our down.

Last night we jumped over low hurdles & walked on a 2×8 & then a ladder laid on the floor. Not as easy as one might think. You are chummin the dog along & need to have the treat down near the board or ladder so the dog is learning to focus on the board & not on you or your hand. At the same time you are trying to retain a strong body stance, upright & in control.  Easy for the wee folk but not so much for me. Of course, eventually the treat will be removed & I will be running.

We are going to continue working on our down this coming week. Along with playing & tugging fun. We’re watching a tv show on some obscure channel about sheep trials. I’m awe inspired & hope Uno is picking up tips.