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April 21, 2010

roadside fatima

by sissychick13

Big Daddy & I were driving along through Espanola, NM the other day when we spied Fatima on the side of the road, in the parking lot of a grocery store. Needless to say, we hung a screeching u-turn. In deference to Espanola law, we sprayed gravel & did not signal before suddenly turning.

That’s right . . . Fatima. She was radiating love & bliss from behind a scratchy sheet of plexiglass in the back of a customized trailer. The big back doors opened up to reveal a mobile shrine, complete with Fatima prayer cards & slots for donations. The  signs assured us, in English & Spanish, that she would pray for us poor sinners & our loved ones who may be in harms way.

The woman with Fatima had quite a rig going  . . . . . the Fatima trailer also serves as a store. She also had a huge fit when I tried to take a picture of that side of the trailer. She hollered “No, no” in a foreign sounding language & waved me off. “Only take picture of back”. Ok. She had a cool little side door that opened up. On the inside of the door were rows of rosaries, then inside the trailer was a little shelf with vials of water or dirt, more prayer cards & other Fatima items. She was “behind the counter” raking in the cash. And I mean raking. Since I am a big white chick I could easily see over the heads of her “customers”. I saw brown wrinkled fists cluching $10s & $20s, reaching out, fumbling with wallets.

I can only conclude that dragging Fatima around the country pays pretty nice & is an all round sweet deal. Big Daddy noticed they had Canadian tags on all of the vehicles so that explains the accent, it was French. They were a long way from home.

Fatima’s rep was driving a very nice travel bus with big tinted windows. She also had a very cute scoot sitting outside that she must use for quick trips & errands. (Like heading to the river twice a day for more holy water & dirt, I’m guessin’.)

As I was taking a few snaps & making my donation, a cat in a lowrider slid up beside me. He got down & held up his cell phone to get a pic of Fatima. It was early evening  & there was a glare on Fatima from one angle. As he moved around trying to find a nonglaring shot, the low rider says to me, “eeeeeeee, it’s all glarey, I can’t get a good shot”. I replied the only thing I could “eeeeeeee, I know, huh? Try over there.”