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April 24, 2011

jesus take the wheel

by sissychick13

I was sitting in line at the drive thru bank, lookin around & groovin on the sunny day. Across the parking lot I spy two people walking, carrying signs & the guy was dragging a great big cross. Ok, it was Good Friday & there is always lots of walking folks on pilgrimage, large & small, in this part of the country but not usually in this part of town & they were headed west, not north. They were whipping right along, maintaining a good pace & I couldn’t make out the signs. Further investigation was called for.

I finished up my depo & cruised the parking lot, on the look out. I ease out into traffic, not yet sure which direction I need to go . . . . there they are! How did they get so far? dang. I cruise up behind them, slow, & they turn to wave their signs at me & I wave back a peace sign. “Jesus loves you”, one of my all time faves, & there is writing all over the cross that I can’t make out. My eyes travel down the cross toward the ground, wishing they would slow down so I could read it, dang it, where is the camera when I need it & then I see it. A wheel!

The secret to their seeming ease of carrying the cross; a stoke of genius! A wheel, bright & shiny, new. The faithful had just left Lowes & were hurrying to the highway. Why didn’t Jesus think of that?