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October 17, 2010

post wedding report

by sissychick13

OK, so I wore cords & they were from JJill. It all went off smoothly. I was aprehensive about wearing pants to a wedding & the fact that they were black really piled on the anxiety until I got there & looked around. I looked downright colorful with my watermelon colored “belbet” shirt & black pants. I wore a bolo tie that belonged to one of the guests. It had come apart during the rehearsal dinner the night before so Big Daddy took it home with us, fixed it & I was to return it. I had it on so I wouldn’t forget. heeheee, you know I wound up wearing it the whole ceremony. I had hot rolled the hair & shot it full of hairspray. I was rosy cheeked, smiled a lot & tried to stay out of the pictures.

First of all, the rehearsal dinner was fun, fun, fun & I wound up in love with the whole crazy bunch. Meeting BB’s parents was a blast & I have to say they are some of the bravest folks I know. They were so fun & full of love for their baby girl & wanted to participate to the fullest in a “real American” wedding. I introduced myself to them, they told me their names & bowed, I bowed, they bowed, I bowed, they bowed, I bowed. Getting lower with each bow, MamaSan was dang near bumpin her forehead on the floor when it occurred to me that perhaps I should stop bowing. I had to laugh out loud at myself & that set them off. We were laughing.

PapaSan wanted to give the bride away, doing the traditional step, pause, step, pause, up the aisle.

After we got everyone situated I told them all to take their time & enjoy the moments, it will go by too fast as it is so don’t rush it. breathe.

We had a yummy “horsesoveries” happy hour, ran through the logistics, I talked to LG & BB about what they wanted to say. Mainly I looked at the face’s. Everyone was genuinely happy. I could see the love shine in the HC’s eyes, in the the love of parents wanting only to make their children happy, the shining of lifelong friends, rowdy with love that the first one of the bros was getting married. The room buzzed with love & laughter. I piled another lump of quac & a mini pig-in-a-blanket on my plate & wondered what I was going to say.

The wedding was wonerful (haha, a typo but i have to leave it!). The venue, a hotel in the Old Town area, was the perfect set up. The weather cooperated & we were able to be outdoors, under the arbor. The sun was setting. The air felt great.

My heart broke open & I gasped out loud when the doors opened & PapaSan & BB walked out. They slow stepped toward us. All I could see were the faces. To think, I thought they had been shining a lot up until now. The love was palpable, it punched everyone in the gut. I heard a lot of sobbing.

I’d like to think my words were inspiring & meaningful. I worried over them, that’s for sure. I wasn’t too nervous; determined not to let it show. I know my voice wavered at one point when I messed up on a word & I let that throw me. Then I rushed the ending. On the positive side, it was going great right up until the end & I had even gotten a laugh.

I know I keep saying the same thing, but it’s true. I can still see the whole ceremony in slow mo, the faces of LG & BB, as they gazed at each other & held hands. Beyond them, the shine of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. friends. The emotion hung in the air. The hearts beat in one rhythm.

“Beloved guests, I introduce you to Mr & Mrs Happy Couple!”


horsesoveries, with a tip o the hat to my Aunt Millie, one of my heros & one of the funniest folks ever lived