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November 21, 2010

just 24 little hours

by badmammy

What a difference a day makes. . . . . I had asked myself a lot of questions & realized I needed to make peace with the insanity of my job or quit. I went in on Saturday to get some extra practice & schoolin before THE RUSH begins on Black Friday. Saturday was the Postal Mgr’s day off & I could work with M, who happens to be very good at teaching. I knew it would be easier there for me without PM”s screaming & tearing up. I also knew that she would probably show up sometime just to check on us. If things got snippy or ugly with PM in any way, I had decided to “vote with my feets”.

We were happily working along, I was doing all kinds of stuff I hadn’t been “allowed” to before & there was another new girl there too. Even the Big Boss Man had wandered in & was checking out the scene. ┬áSure enough, here comes the PM. She sees what we’re doing & tries to tear up that I’m “doing it wrong” but M steps in & calmly says “no, it’s ok”. PM sputters something, having to have the last word. I kept my head down & bubble wrapped the hell out of some pottery, then peanuted a box within an inch of it’s life. I taped that thing together. Then I started an intense conversation with a customer over a prayer shawl she was shipping. She made it & it was beautiful. I was silently wishing I could stick my head under it & hide. PM was shooting daggers & I could see her face getting all red & mad at me. I knew Monday, if there was one for me, would be hell to pay. I thought I’d wait until she left & then tell BBM that I couldn’t be there anymore.

PM had pulled her truck around to the front & was going to load a piece of furniture into it. I went out to help her, we lifted it in & bungeed everything down. I went back inside. When I looked back around she had pulled her truck into a parking spot & BBM was out there talking to her. They talked awhile. When I looked back out they were gone.

Long story short, BBM came in the back door & told us he had just fired her.

this is what my ever lovin man fixed me for breakfast this morning (that’s his handmade red) & last night he bought “us” a whole bag of Dove chocolates. life is good.

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