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November 7, 2010

I want to bitch slap a kid

by badmammy

I want to bitch slap a kid. Not that I would and the kid’s not real anyway, so simmer down.

There’s a commercial on tv that drives me wild. In it a very cute curly headed little junior goes on & on about a minivan. At the end he declares his parents are “lame” due to which van they choose to drive. I can’t be the only one who “fails” this commercial. I most decidedly do not want to rush out & buy one of these vans after being called lame. Who is this little bully & why does he feel that a brand of vehicle makes us who & what we are? Why would someone so young even care? This leads me into a rant about the values & mores of the world today & how sick & sad all that is. You know, the old what’s this world comin to??? I’m gonna stop myself right here.

I must be feeling a little old & threatened or shakey because something as┬ámeaningless & banal as a tv commercial usually wouldn’t have the power to bug me. I can’t help it, though. I want to get out the clippers & shave that little punk’s head. It’s all his fault that I turn into a grouchy old woman complaining about rudeness, manners & what’s wrong with these people.

Sure, I understand the kid is a child actor playing a role, saying words written for him by someone else, chosen precisely because of that hair. And he is awful cute. I bear him no ill will. I wish I had that hair. And I get it that the folks who came up with the concept for this commercial are doing their jobs & that they have succeeded because, good or bad, here I am discussing & cussing it. I noticed it. That is their goal.

But, who are they, the ad folks? Young graduates starting a career, dealing with demographics, focus groups & all that fancy stuff? Did all of the work & effort of more than one committee & endless meetings come to the conclusion that rudeness was cute? Yeah, they did. Maybe it is cute to them. Precocious children have always been used to sell us tons of crap we don’t need & I admit, most of the time they don’t bug me so much. I know tv isn’t real, not even the reality shows, & that’s a large part of why I love it.

Obviously it is time to put on some shoes & go outside, look up at the most beautiful sky ever & play with the doggie. . . . time to get over my damn self.


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