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December 18, 2011

they call it stormy monday but tuesdays just as bad

by badmammy

Another of the never ending series of events that have happened to me under the “Everything I’ve Ever Mocked, I’ve Become.” category.

The garage door decided to become unwound in some cable snappin kind of way last Friday evening. You know, when you can’t do anything about it without paying someone their “emergency” rate. The time & day of repair people live for. Ka-ching. Well, that really isn’t an option, so called, left msg, resigned self to parking on the street for a few nights. I decided to be thankful no one was hurt & that my car wasn’t trapped inside.

My car has never slept outside like that. Not very often, anyway. Every time I wanted to hop in my car & go somewhere, I’ve done it, scoffing at the poor fools driving frosted cars. Cars covered in show and ice. Even when my car wouldn’t start in the morning cuz the battery was shot & it is colder than heck outside, my car was not frosted. It was in the garage.

Back in the day, when I only had a carport, I had done the start your car, let it run with the defroster on high thing. This method worked for me for years. By the time I finished doin my hair, the frozen windshield  could be easily cleared by a couple o swipes o the wipers. I do not recommend this method anymore cuz now days if you blink your eyes while your car is runnin without you in it, that thing is GONE.

Anyway, call was returned & garage door man would be able to come look at it in four days. Sigh . . that long? Will you call if he can get here sooner? Sure, sure. Bye, bye.

OK, I think, a few more frosty car days won’t hurt. The main big drag, really,is that I have to park facing west, so only the front window is iced up. If the neighborhood nazzies hadn’t sent me a letter about me & mine for parking in the “wrong” direction so many times, I’d just turn the car around, facing east & the sun. The rear window has a really good defroster but not the front. Besides, we live on a corner & when you swing into our hood you are in front o the house, lookin east, the wrong way. It’s so easy. So much better than going down the street, makin a loop & coming back. The car still takes up the same amount of space, I say,no matter which way it faces. They say it will get hit. I point out the car didn’t get any wider either & why are they driving in the gutter anyway. Of course, we still do it, as does our neighbor, but not over night. I don’t want to hear it.

Anyway, I wound up, in the grueling light of dawn, early, scraping ice off of my windows with a Costco card, while the defroster blasted from the inside. I knew, in that moment, that, once again, I had become what I mocked. I had one of those little awakening moments.

After getting a little patch of clear window directly above the blowers big enoug to see through, I turned the car around & scraped my window some more. I knew it served me right. What was I crying about? Flashback to Dad’s voice sayin he’d give me something to cry about.

I have a lot in my life. I know this. I have so many people I hold dear. I try to keep in mind how grateful I am for all I am blessed with. It is far from a done deal, but I keep assuming an attitute of gratitude in the hopes that it will abide within & without me.

On my way to work that morning, late, during the busiest time of the year, knowin what was gonna happen the moment I unlocked that back door & went in. Ka-Boom. Then I saw a guy waiting for a bus, in the cold wind, with a tire

With a tire! I’ve got a whole car. I took this as a sign that one does not have to look far to see something to remind your of how much you do have.